Monday, August 11, 2014

Marvel’s iPhone App Turns Sketches Into Tappable Mobile App “Prototypes”

Marvel, a UK startup founded last year by ex-employees of Enpocket (acquired by Nokia), is on a mission: to put creating a mobile app “prototype” within the reach of almost anybody.
The company’s first offering, built on top of Dropbox, lets you turn sketches, wireframes, and Photoshop files synced with the cloud-storage service into a tappable (or clickable) demo of how your mobile app will work. It does this by letting you add ‘hotspots’ and transitions to your images so that the resulting prototype can be navigated as if it were an actual app.

 Now Marvel has applied this simple idea to an iPhone app of its own which lets you photograph paper sketches of your app idea and tun these into interactive prototypes too. Aimed at designers, UX experts, product managers, students and businesses that need to quickly prototype ideas to share with clients and teams, Marvel’s iPhone app (and its original web-based offering) couldn’t really be any simpler.

 To begin with you draw your app screens on paper, a whiteboard, or on the back of a napkin in true folklore style, and then use your iPhone to take a snap of each sketch, which can be designed for either iPhone or iPad. Next, using the Marvel app, you apply ‘touch’ hotspots to each image and in turn link your screens together in the way you intend the app to be navigated.

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