Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fake Social Media Accounts Have Flourished In The Wake Of The Malaysian Airline Disappearance.

With its route change, absence of radar signals from the plane, and the inscrutable actions of its pilots, the Malaysian Airline MH370 disappearance story reads like a thriller novel. Much like most such novels, the disappearance has attracted its fair share of controversy, conspiracy theories, and, not surprisingly, fake accounts.

According to Nexgate, a social media security and compliance firm, the number of social media accounts related to the airline multiplied to more than 680 from roughly 50 accounts. This figure includes accounts across several popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. According to Devin Redmond, chief executive officer at Nexgate, the open environment provided by social media can be exploited for bad activities such as fraud, phishing or abusive behavior.

 Based on Nexgate’s analysis, three types of accounts have cropped up in the wake of MH370 disappearance. The first type seeks to spread malware by inserting links into tweets, posts, or the comments section of Facebook posts.

The second type of account has been created to tarnish the brand and air grievances against Malaysia Airlines. Such accounts post material that is offensive or critical of the airline. The third type of account claims to solicit donations on behalf of victims of the tragedy. In this case, the intention is to get your credit card information.


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