Monday, August 5, 2013

Vine vs. Instagram A few seconds could make a big difference. [VIDEO]

Vine vs. Instagram A few seconds could make a big difference.  “The jury is still out on Vine vs. Instagram. Instagram has made tremendous strides in six weeks,” says digital anthropologist Frank Rose, a leading writer and speaker on digital culture and the media landscape. And while Vine had an early start attracting brands, he says, Instagram’s longer 15-second videos may prove to be attractive to advertisers, who are used to producing 15-second television spots.

 “We’re working with Pinnacle Vodka, and we’re looking at Instagram videos,” says Taylor at Ogilvy. She says choosing between the two apps may come down to whether a brand already has an established following on Instagram. While Vine already has more than 13 million users, Instagram recently revealed it has ten times that number at 130 million users. That larger audience base may prove more attractive to brands choosing between the two apps. But Deutsch’s Prabhu says one of the big draws about Vine is its growth potential, given that the company is now owned by Twitter.

“I think we absolutely need to think of it in the context of Twitter. There’s that real-time engagement with Vine, whereas Instagram users are leaning back and spending their time with it,” he says. “From a media perspective, the biggest attraction for any clients or advertisers will be the tie to Twitter.” But Cignoli suggests it doesn’t need to be a zero-sum game when it comes to advertisers and Vine vs. Instagram video – at least not for now. Cignoli says she is working on both Instagram and Vine campaigns for Nike, and for three other brands as well. “Social media video is just beginning. It will just grow and grow, and become bigger and more popular,” she predicts. “It’s instant gratification – you can’t beat it.”  Source 

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