Monday, April 15, 2013

Google Afterlife???...Google Now Allow You To Control Your Social Media Accounts After You're Dead!! (Video)

Google Afterlife???...Google Now allow you control Your Social Media Accounts after your are dead!! -- Google has launched a tool that lets you decide what happens with your email and other online accounts after you die.The Inactive Account Manager lets users tell Google what to do if the unthinkable happens. Users can choose to delete their data after a certain amount of time.

Or users can choose specific people to receive the data. Besides Gmail and Google Plus, other services covered include YouTube, the photo-sharing service Picasa and Blogger. Google Inc., based in Mountain View, Calif., says it will warn users through a secondary email address or a provided phone number before taking any action.

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  1. Google is always one step head of the game!!

  2. Well in this case one step head of the Afterlife!!
    hahahhah. Dope Idea Google!!