Monday, March 4, 2013

Yahoo CEO "Marissa Mayer" Ban On Work At Home. (Video)

Yahoo CEO "Marissa Mayer" ban on work at home. Yahoo Inc.’s decision to haul its telecommuting workers out of their home offices and back into the communal workplace is a shock to the system, as much a retro-move as the return to corsetry and conservatism. It’s as if the modern workplace sent a boomerang of employees outside in the ’90s and it came whanging back in 2013. But Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has a point, although it’s a wobbly conditional one.

 If work requires collaboration, it’s best done in the office, although my understanding was that conference calls and emails were supposed to have done the trick. Clearly they didn’t. Ah, the unreachability of the untethered employee. I dine at home with my iPad beside my plate, I scrabble desperately in my purse for my iPhone, I vacation with my laptop.

If Lisbon were to suffer another earthquake — the last big one was in 1755 — I’d be able to get into work mode and race outside for human interest quotes. I hate vacations. But we are people for whom the phrases “quality of life” and “work-life balance” mean nothing. Other people, especially those with young children, don’t feel this way. Yahoo isn’t going to penalize valued employees with children, as long as they have a measurable output.

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