Saturday, March 9, 2013

Terrible....Yesterday Was Our First Day In Las Vegas and Things didn't Go Well. How The Hell We End Up In California!! -- Video Inside

Terrible....Yesterday was our first day in Las Vegas and things didn't go well. How the hell we end up In California!!  -- Here is the footage from yesterday when we arrived in Las Vegas for day one. Sorry I'm loading it 1 day late, I was to tried to load yesterday. Friday was one of my worst experiences ever traveling. But we are here and day two begins today. (Saturday) 

We have a meeting with Dizzy Wright and Management team today. If you don't know Dizzy he is the hottest rapper in Las Vegas. Plus we have a 90's party today at the Palms Hotel hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff. We also have a Cirque Du Soleil show tonight at 7pm.

If you're out in Las Vegas and want to party with hit us up in a email and we can meet up. It's to late for interviews, we are already booked up.

Check out the video From yesterday 3/8/13 below explaining why our first day was so terrible.

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